Columbus Ohio Web design / development.

Purpose-built online experiences.

Advent Media, Inc.

Designing solutions.
Forming experiences.

At Advent Media, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, we craft visually impressive and functional websites and web applications; inspiring visitors and empowering businesses with purpose-built online experiences.

Intuitive experiences.

Utilizing time-honored creative techniques, our skilled visual designers / full-stack developers design and build intuitive online experiences; crafting branding, messaging, and functionality into professionally-built websites and web applications.

Designed to perform.
Engineered to deliver.

From experience design to web development, we help our clients establish their online presence, showcase their brand, and streamline their user experiences with purpose-built online experiences.

We take web design and development projects from concept to launch; holistically managing the entire strategy, design, and development process to seamlessly design and build sophisticated online experiences that are tailored to each client's unique needs and long-term objectives.

We also provide post-launch maintenance and managed hosting services; providing our web project clients with a secure, reliable hosting platform and a single point of contact for support.

Columbus Ohio Web Concepts & Strategy

  • Ideation & Discovery
  • Search Engine Research
  • Information Structure
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Copy Writing & Messaging
  • Domain Names
  • (and more)

Columbus Ohio Web / Visual Design

  • User Interfaces (UI)
  • User Experiences (UX)
  • Color Schemes & Branding
  • Typography
  • Visual Elements
  • Artwork / Rich Media
  • (and more)

Columbus Ohio Web Development

  • Front-End Frameworks
  • DNN Platform / Evoq CMS
  • Database Structuring
  • HTML5 / CSS / JS Coding
  • Content Provisioning
  • Optimization & Testing
  • Privacy & Security
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • (and more)


Based in Columbus, Ohio, we're a unique one-stop-shop for web design and development services; providing national, regional, and local clients with a convenient source for professional, high-quality websites and web applications without the agency price premiums.

We also feature many of the same services traditionally associated with creative agencies and production studios, adding additional value and consistency with seamless integration across different types of media and technological platforms.

All capabilities

A versatile development partner in Columbus Ohio.

For nearly half a century, we have been been combining innovative design with practical functionality to form aesthetically pleasing, user-centric online experiences; prioritizing messaging, usability, privacy, and security to deliver cohesive websites and web applications that deliver long-term value.

Whether you're looking to create a standalone responsive website, a sophisticated web application, or just about anything in between, we're a versatile, practical and trusted partner; ready to help craft the online experiences that inspire your audiences and empower your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do your web services cost?

    Like everything else, “it depends.” We price on a project-by-project basis, which takes into consideration several key factors, such as project scope, complexity, and delivery timeline.

    That said, custom branded corporate promotional or informational sites start around $20k with web portals and web apps starting around $70k. If we can know your budget before starting, we can tailor a site to suit your needs, and we can create a platform for expansion as budget allows and needs change. Just remember the old adage, “Fast, cheap, good – you can only choose two.”

  • Do you accept RFPs for competitive bid?

    No. Our experience with competitive bidding for custom web services has been counterproductive. It prevents open collaboration and proper project planning from the very beginning. Therefore, we only provide proposals after we have personally met with you and have a proper understanding of your budget, needs and goals.

  • Do you conduct traditional or digital marketing campaigns?

    No. While we have crafted media content to be used in marketing campaigns, we are not a marketing firm or advertising agency and do not conduct or orchestrate any traditional or digital marketing campaigns (i.e. TV spot distribution, search engine pay-per-click ads, or site banner ads). We also do not manage any social media accounts or facilitate any devious "online targeting" schemes.

    We welcome traditional ad agencies and marketing firms to provide stellar Web services for their clients.

  • Can you work under an NDA?

    Yes, we routinely work with clients under NDA, recognizing their proprietary IP. Our standard working agreement includes NDA language between both parties.

  • What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development?
    • Web design = "Form." It's all about the LOOK and FEEL of a website. It’s the “User Experience” (UX) that visitors see whenever they hit the website. Intuitive design means that users just know what to do when they see your site for the first time, and the design exercise works to minimize frustrations. There is a lot of research about UX, and how things should be standardized to help users have a good experience. We want your users to engage with your content, and not be distracted by confusing design elements.
    • Web development = "Function." It's what makes the design work! It’s the back-end coding that allows the information to be displayed in an intuitive manner, or for data to be collected in a usable (and secure) format. Website development has a lot of components, the CMS (Content Management System), the database structure, forms, libraries, search engine optimization, server configuration and the myriad other details that go onto making it function as designed.
  • What is the difference between Websites, Web Portals, Web Applications, and E-commerce?
    • Websites are publicly available online destinations consisting of a series of webpages under the same domain name. Websites serve as an online presence for businesses, organizations, or individuals and usually have a single mission, to present information to website visitors.
    • Web portals are secure web-based platforms that give authenticated users easy access to various functions and content. They act as a centralized hub, facilitating access to various personalized resources, web applications, and other self serving functions.
    • Web applications are focused interactive software applications that are accessible via a web browser. Like a standalone application, they are designed to serve a specific function but run on web servers and can be accessed by users over the internet or a local intranet.
    • E-commerce platforms are web applications specifically designed to facilitate the buying and selling of goods online.
  • How is a Web App different from a Mobile App?

    Web Apps are designed to be cross-platform, accessible through any web browser (mobile or desktop), and are generally easier to maintain. They also do not require any "app store" approval. Web apps can access some hardware features (the microphone, camera, or GPS for example) but this is all controlled by the web browser.

    Mobile apps are designed to be platform-specific and tend to offer a more tailored experience. They also require "app store" approval. Mobile apps are able to access more of the device’s hardware, and can potentially work offline. That said, most of today's mobile apps are nothing more than packaged wrappers for web apps, enabling them to get around the limitations and protections of modern web browsers (for better or worse).

    While we do not do mobile app development internally, we can manage a mobile app development project with 3rd party vendors.

  • What is your design philosophy?

    Simple: "Form follows function." Unlike many of our competitors, we understand that the content being created should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. That's why we first and foremost make sure the web content we are designing and developing is user-centric and functions in a manner that meets your needs and goals. Then we can have some fun with the aesthetics.

    We have often been criticized over not being “trendy” or “modern” enough because of our stance on adhering to time-honored user-centered design principles. But that doesn’t mean that we’re against style. We're well aware of many design trends, but we also know the pitfalls behind implementing many of them.

  • Which Content Management Systems do you support?

    While there are many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, we’ve standardized on developing for the user-centric, extensible, and secure DNN Platform / DNN Evoq CMS. DNN is the #1 open-source CMS based on .NET technology.

  • Do you use AI?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is invading but we take a balanced approach. While our systems may utilize specialized AI to enhance images or increase security, we typically do not use AI to generate content from scratch. AI can help with human creativity, but it should never be considered as a replacement.

  • What about web hosting?

    When it comes to selecting a hosting provider, many options are available, including our own exclusive and professionally managed hosting environment. We can help you find the right shared, cloud, or dedicated hosting providers to meet your needs, deploy the site, and manage all the minutia to keep the site up and running.

    Beyond hosting we can also provide various levels of content management. This can range from help desk service (for your on-site content manager), to full content management (where we'll make content changes upon your request).