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Advent Media, Inc. is an independent, family-owned and operated creative media production company, based in Columbus, Ohio, crafting innovative media content that empowers businesses and inspires audiences.

More about us

Full-service capabilities.

We're a unique one-stop-shop, featuring many of the same creative, production, technical, and consulting services traditionally associated with creative agencies, production studios, design firms, and tech companies, adding additional value and consistency across different types of media content and technological platforms.

All capabilities

National reach.

Based in the "silicon heartland" of Central Ohio (i.e. Columbus, Ohio), we craft and prepare media content for clients nationwide; providing our national, regional, and local clients a convenient source for high-quality media production services without the agency price premiums.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you conduct traditional or digital marketing campaigns?

    No. While we have crafted media content to be used in marketing campaigns, we are not a marketing firm or advertising agency and do not conduct or orchestrate any traditional or digital marketing campaigns (i.e. TV spot distribution, search engine pay-per-click ads, or site banner ads). We also do not manage any social media accounts or facilitate any devious "online targeting" schemes.

  • Can you work under an NDA?

    Yes, we routinely work with clients under NDA, recognizing their proprietary IP. Our standard working agreement includes NDA language between both parties.

  • Do you accept RFPs for competitive bid?

    No. Our experience with competitive bidding for media content has been counterproductive. It prevents open collaboration and proper project planning from the very beginning. Therefore, we only provide proposals after we have personally met with you and have a proper understanding of your budget, needs and goals.