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Advent Media, Inc.

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Advent Media, Inc. is an independent family-owned and operated creative media production company, based in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in visual storytelling for corporate communications.

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“Advent” is a time of preparation which also describes what we do. We craft and prepare innovative media content and powerful technology that enables our clients to take their business to the next level.

Dream team.

Incorporated in 1982 by founder Steve Puffenberger, Advent Media, Inc. serves as the primary creative outlet of Steve and David Puffenberger; a unique father-son duo of experienced creative professionals, with deep roots in corporate communications and visual storytelling.

Together, they lead one of the longest-running creative media production companies in the Columbus, Ohio area with a distinctive combination of professionalism, experience, and creative vision that is rarely seen in today's culture.

Full-service capabilities.
Freelancer agility.

We help our clients reach their goals through visual storytelling and logical problem solving; lending our vast experience to businesses, organizations, and individuals nationwide through a full host of creative, production, technical, and consulting services.

From comprehensive partnerships to project-focused engagements, we're a unique one-stop-shop; adapting our capabilities around each client's unique needs and goals to craft and prepare stellar media content.

Our capabilities

A legacy of success.

For over 40 years, we have been on a mission "to help our clients achieve success with their investments in media content and technology."

While the technology has changed greatly over the years, our mission has not; as we continue to craft innovative experiences that inspire audiences and empower businesses.

Success stories

A timeline of history.

Before Advent

The "roots" of Advent Media go back to 1973, when founder Steve Puffenberger began a professional media production career at The Ohio State University. In 1979, Steve went independent with a proprietorship called Puffenberger Projections.


When we incorporated in 1982, the dominant high-definition presentation format was "Multi-Image," which used 35mm slides in multiple projectors controlled by a computer to deliver amazing on-screen results - the equivalent of  "4k" video today. Projects ranged from fund-raisers to industrial training.


In the early 90s, as client demand and media formats changed, we began producing industrial/promotional videos for release on VHS. Then, in the late 90s, we made the move to digital video, graduated from 35mm slides to PowerPoint for presentations, and branched out into Website development.


In the 2000's we started providing IT services, developing web applications, and were early adopters of high definition video. We started multi-year partnerships with clients, creating presentations for audiences of thousands and helping a local construction firm land over $1 billion in contracts.


In the 2010s, we expanded with digital transfers, consulting services and technical support. We entered filmmaking competitions and won awards for two documentaries, which led to more corporate projects that established us as a documentary filmmaker. Also in this decade, Steve's son, David Puffenberger, joined full time and started 2nd generation leadership of the company.


Now in the 2020s, all of that experience is encapsulated in the services we provide today, backed by updated, state-of-the-art technology. We're not just creating digital content, we're holistically creating experiences, capturing moments, telling stories, and managing infrastructure.

We still have your story to tell.

What our clients are saying.

  • “Our company worked closely with Advent Media for over two decades. They're creative, they exceed expectations, they meet deadlines, and their can-do attitude is contagious.”

    J. Darrow
    Ruscilli Construction Co.
  • “For over 20 years, Advent Media has worked with me to provide excellent video productions for my employers, and more recently excellent Web site design and service as well. From experience, I can tell others they can expect consistency in creativity, top notch graphic design, technical expertise, and absolute professional service from Advent Media.”

    S. Dziura
    Communications Specialist
  • “Advent Media produced some great industrial videos and rescued our Website on short notice. The have good ideas that make sense and look great on screens of any size. Professional communication is a talent and they have it.”

    D. Allburn
    National Fingerprint, Inc.
  • It has been a pleasure to work with Advent Media for over ten years now. They will work with you on many different levels whether it is for your webpage, or technical support for your computer needs. From the time you are small to as you decide to expand your business, they can help you with it all.

    C. Kinman
    Kinman Design Associates
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you conduct traditional or digital marketing campaigns?

    No. While we have crafted media content to be used in marketing campaigns, we are not a marketing firm or advertising agency and do not conduct or orchestrate any traditional or digital marketing campaigns (i.e. TV spot distribution, search engine pay-per-click ads, or site banner ads). We also do not manage any social media accounts or facilitate any devious "online targeting" schemes.

  • Can you work under an NDA?

    Yes, we routinely work with clients under NDA, recognizing their proprietary IP. Our standard working agreement includes NDA language between both parties.

  • Do you accept RFPs for competitive bid?

    No. Our experience with competitive bidding for media content has been counterproductive. It prevents open collaboration and proper project planning from the very beginning. Therefore, we only provide proposals after we have personally met with you and have a proper understanding of your budget, needs and goals.